Kalven T.

October 22nd, 2019

My experience with MCH Physical Therapy has been excellent. First, I had previously gone to a large physical therapy business after rotator cup and bone spar surgery. The physical therapist was impersonal and not professional. I ended up not going back after the second visit and doing my own therapy.

I had an auto accident recently and I was reluctant about seeking treatment because I thought my back would get better on its own. I was wrong; it got worse. I again went to the same business that did my surgery and of course, they recommended the same big company physical therapy. Many people do not know that you can go to the physical therapist of your choice. A friend recommended Dr. Renee Crater to me. The assistance I received by Dr. Crater was outstanding. Her hands-on approach and professional approach helped in making me feel comfortable/confident in the assistance she provided. Dr. Crater administered laser treatments along with exercise/strengthening routines to improve core strength and reduce my back pain. Dr. Crater has been in business for 30 years. I highly recommend Dr. Crater and the staff of MCH Physical Therapy. Be informed and use your choice to choose the best phD trained physical therapist in Little Rock, Dr. Renee Crater of MCH Physical Therapy.