Patient Testimonials

  • Very friendly, professional, and welcome atmosphere at MCH. I’ve been to another facility for a similar injury with my other shoulder a few years ago, but Mr. Franklin at MCH is by far the most professional and knowledgable therapist that’s ever treated me. I completely attribute my quick recovery to him and MCH. Thank you, Mr. Franklin!

    Ralph S.
  • I have been a patient of MCH PT Clinic on a few occasions and each time I’ve received nothing less than stellar treatment. Dr. Crater, Mr. Franklin, and Tabatha are always professional, knowledgeable, courteous and genuine in every way. I strained my back prior to running a marathon, as well as pulled a hamstring prior to my father’s funeral and each time they made sure I was able to attend both without pain or worry. Thank you, Dr. Crater and staff.

  • Mr. Franklin Rocks!!! I went to this clinic with my pain level at TEN. Mr. Franklin created a special formula to crack open the boulders under my shoulder blades, neck, and back. He fixed my hot packs for my back and neck perfectly every single time and made sure I was covered. He allowed me privacy to lay in rest after a long hard day of work. He was kind and courteous by always asking if there was anything I ever needed. If so, I had a bell at arms reach. He and Renee gained my complete trust and I walked away from the clinic with no pain and a smile on my face and not even an ache. I know that I have the best two therapists in the world added to my team. Thank you, Renee, for employing professionally credentialed staff who truly care about ordinary people that are suffering.

    Michelle O.
  • A severe injury left me with basically zero range of motion in my knee and pain level at TEN+ After almost 24 sessions with Dr. Crater, we worked to get my pain level down and a lot of my range of motion back. She was amazing. Very professional, encouraging, and she listened. I didn’t feel like numbers on a paper. After surgery, Ortho Arkansas wanted me to do PT with them but I asked to return to MCH. I worked with Mr. Franklin for 10 sessions. He is just as amazing, professional, and encouraging. I graduated last week after 6 months and just had to give everyone hugs! They’ve been doing this for 20-30 years and I would recommend this place to anyone. I absolutely love them.

    Amber P.
  • My experience with MCH Physical Therapy has been excellent. First, I had previously gone to a large physical therapy business after rotator cup and bone spar surgery. The physical therapist was impersonal and not professional. I ended up not going back after the second visit and doing my own therapy.

    I had an auto accident recently and I was reluctant about seeking treatment because I thought my back would get better on its own. I was wrong; it got worse. I again went to the same business that did my surgery and of course, they recommended the same big company physical therapy. Many people do not know that you can go to the physical therapist of your choice. A friend recommended Dr. Renee Crater to me. The assistance I received by Dr. Crater was outstanding. Her hands-on approach and professional approach helped in making me feel comfortable/confident in the assistance she provided. Dr. Crater administered laser treatments along with exercise/strengthening routines to improve core strength and reduce my back pain. Dr. Crater has been in business for 30 years. I highly recommend Dr. Crater and the staff of MCH Physical Therapy. Be informed and use your choice to choose the best phD trained physical therapist in Little Rock, Dr. Renee Crater of MCH Physical Therapy.

    Kalven T.
  • Dr. Crater and her team are amazing. They are truly passionate about restoring their patients back to health. They are friendly and full of laughs. I recommend them for your physical therapy needs!

    Kimberly L.
  • Dr. Crater is passionate about her craft! Deep tissue laser treatment is life-changing. On two different occasions, I was hurting to the point I could not function. Dr. Crater worked me in and by the end of the quick deep tissue laser treatment I had relief – the results in just one treatment are unbelievable! Set your appointment now! You won’t regret it.

    Whitney O.
  • You’ve done an AWESOME job with my mother and her recovery from her total knee replacement! Thank you so much! You’re the best!!!

    Miriam B.
  • My story is very personal. I knew Dr. Renee’ Crater on a professional level first. We worked together at a facility for children with special needs. In 2014 I became very ill. After a long hospital stay and time in a coma I needed physical therapy to regain my strength and stamina. I knew just who to call – Dr. Renee’ Crater. I had lost weight down to about 90 pounds and had no appetite. I started treating with Dr. Crater, and the first thing I noticed is that my appetite came back. I quickly started to gain strength in my muscles. After a lot of strength building exercises, I was pretty soon not exhausted anymore, and looked forward to attending therapy. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I was getting my LIFE back! By then, I was unemployed. Dr. Crater offered me a job, and I now work at MCH Physical Therapy. But it’s not just a job, it is a testimony of recovery!

    Tabetha Bennett
  • Dr. Crater and Mr. Franklin at MCH Physical Therapy have truly been a blessing for my son and our family. Thomas has made leaps and bounds since he started getting physical therapy there. I am really happy to have found MCH Physical Therapy. It is a great place to get the help that you need to reach your physical therapy goals. They exceed expectations! Two thumbs up!

    Marilyn S.
  • Just left Mom’s orthopedic doctor. She has made great progress with you! He is very pleased.

    Caroline F.
  • Christie first started receiving therapy at MCH Physical Therapy 3 years ago. We knew nothing about Dr. Crater or Mr. Franklin but we have found them to be compassionate, Christian, and wonderful therapists and people. Christie benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally from the service they provide. Thank you, Michael Teston, PT for referring us. It is a breath of fresh air each week.

    Glenda M.